Window Cleaning

When we clean your windows, it is not just the glass that gets cleaned! We always clean the window frames, the window sills, any doors whether they have glass in them or not, the door-frame and sills as well. We always do a thorough job, and we don’t think you should settle for anything less. Veluxes and skylights are also no problem for us.

We use a mixture of traditional window cleaning methods and modern pure water pole systems to get your windows as clean as they can get. Many window cleaning companies only use water fed pole systems, and tell their customers that window cleaners are not allowed to use ladders any more. This is not true! Many customers prefer the traditional methods of hand cleaning windows, and we are proud of the clean that we can give your windows by traditional methods. Where it is unsafe to use a ladder, or if a window is not accessible from a ladder then we will need to use our pure water pole system.

Of course if you would rather we used the pure water pole to clean your windows then we are more that happy to use this method! We believe the end result of either method, as long as used correctly, will result in sparkling windows.

If you don’t mind how your windows are cleaned, as long as they are clean, then we will generally use a mixture of the two methods where applicable.

We can also offer the following other services, please see the different sections in the menu for further details:

  • Conservatory Roofs cleaned
  • Gutters emptied
  • Facias, guttering, cladding and garage doors washed
  • Solar Panels cleaned
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